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    A few people were asking about the Hit-Air Vest that I was wearing during last season.

    I wanted to share the website link from where to buy them if folks are interested
    Sizing is small is for kids or petite ladies, The XL is for Adults (The vest has a lot of adjustability)

    I've worn the vest for the past 1.5 seasons and it worked well when I crashed in Rd2 of 2016. Rain race :-|
    The vest protected my helmet and collar bone from damage and is really no hindrance towards your body movement on the bike.
    I was able to replace the canister and reuse the vest the next day(Thanks to my fellow racer Justin Boyd, who also wears the same vest ). Vest was not damaged during the crash.
    Good alternative considering the Dainese air-bag suit is atleast 5x more expensive.

    If you are still on the fence towards buying it, here is an awesome review from my friend, Viet posted 2 seasons back (Convinced me to get one )

    A group buy can also be organized and can get the price down by 15-20% depending on the total number of people.
    Contact Alan Cunningham (BARF Handle: scotinexcile) for the same, he is on BARF and runs He has commented on Viet's review also.

    Another alternative is the Helite Airbag vest (, but I've not gotten a chance to talk to anyone who is using this.

    Photo of Yasar and I riding with the vests last season:
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    I have one of these as well, a big guy version with the extender even. I've refrained from crash-testing it thus far. If you're non-petite and want to try one on, look me up in the pits.

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