Thank you for participating in our electronic ballot regarding rule change proposals for the 2017 OMRRA season. 279 ballots were emailed, 207 were opened, 125 members chose to vote during the 2 week voting period. The results are below.

All proposals passed and will be included in 2017 OMRRA Rules. All 2017 members will receive a printed rule book at the first race round. An electronic version will be posted at within 2 days. The electronic copy is always kept up to date, and is the definitive source of OMRRA rules.

If you did not receive a ballot, please contact the OMRRA office to help us resolve the issue. Before doing so, please check your spam and promotions folders in your email.

Chris and the OMRRA Rules Committee


2017 Membership Vote Results

FU limited to 1:13 or faster. Passed.
In Favor 49
Opposed 43
No Opinion 31

Align Lightweight Supersport and Lightweight Superbike cc limits. Passed.
In Favor 81
Opposed 18
No Opinion 23

Allow Kawasaki 636 in 600 Supersport. Passed.
In Favor 70
Opposed 31
No Opinion 20

Remove 85 GP race class. Passed.
In Favor 84
Opposed 16
No Opinion 20

Simplify and align “Classic” race class rules. Passed.
In Favor 104
Opposed 4
No Opinion 12

OMRRA Rules 2017 v12_6_16 FINAL.pdf