As the 2016 race season is fast approaching the close, this once again means it is time to elect board members for the 2017 race season. This has been a great year for the club and we have seen some unique and enjoyable moments and some highly successful events: our NRS school has turned out some excellent new experts who are bringing a new edge to the club; our OMRRA/WMRRA joint round in July; the return of the side cars in August and overall larger grids each race weekend. With growth comes the need to keep support to the racers high so we can help keep everyone on the track.

For the last two years I have not only raced alongside you, but worked to serve the racers of this club and the board members from a volunteer perspective in race tech. From servicing crashed riders in their pits so as to help facilitate a quicker return to the grid, to helping novice racers learn how to prepare their bikes for the season, it is a position I greatly enjoy as it allows me to meet almost everyone in the club and to help see them follow the passion we all share.

For the upcoming year I am humbly asking for your support as I am running for one of the two Member at Large positions. These positions are a unique opportunity to support the OMRRA board as a whole and engage in more of the operations of the club. I see this role as being a service position to the racers in being able to take their comments, concerns, and suggestions gather them together and relay them to the board members as a whole at the monthly meetings or if needed during one of our race weekends. This position is also a service position to the board to help fill in where extra hands are needed on projects. My hope for this 2017 season is to contribute to the club as a whole in keeping the important vision we have…keeping OMRRA strong, moving forward and staying highly supportive of all of our racers, staff and volunteers. My name is Eric Gauerke (Eric RG on Facebook) and I would consider it an honor to serve as one of your Member at Large board members.

Thank you,