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Thread: GPZ 550 RACE! OMRRA Round 5, Vintage Days, Chicane.

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    Default GPZ 550 RACE! OMRRA Round 5, Vintage Days, Chicane.

    Hey everyone,
    We're putting together a GPZ 550 race to happen at August round of OMRRA during Vintage Days.
    We've spoken with the OMRRA Vintage Rep and we would can race within the Vintage Superbike grid.
    we've already got 4 committed racers and 1 definite maybe.

    If you have GPZ550, any year, then you should race with us! We get one 10 lap race in the Vintage SBK Grid, plus this bike is legal in a huge amount of other classes which you could run over the weekend.

    This is going to be a one-off race so don't worry about doing anything fancy. All we have to do is remove the lights, safety wire, put some number plates on and get a belly pan. I'm working with Brett from Glass From the Past to do a group buy on belly pans to cut costs as much as possible.

    This should be ridiculously fun. If you don't have a GPZ550, go get one!

    Let me know if you're interested in this race so I can keep a tally on expected grid size. I'm guessing we will push double digits come August.

    Let's race!

    PS: read the rules and find out how many other classes the GPZ 550 is legal for, it's pretty impressive. I'm thinking about campaigning a GPZ550 in 2015
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